Friday, July 14, 2006

Started watching THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR which stars Robert Redford. He's HORRIBLE! He's the freakin' 1970s Tom Cruise, the guy with the American flag stuck so far up his ass the rest of us have to continually apologize to him. Faye Dunaway is his latest victim, and she seems as shell-shocked and uncomfortable by him as we are. This film has dated badly and I would like to be taken off the case.

Before that I started to watch Hitchcock's SHADOW OF A DOUBT but couldn't get into it once old Hume Cronyn showed up. I can't stomach the small town big house movie, with the short old duffer dad, the smart aleck youngsters, the daydreaming tweener. Give me Hillary Duff any day!! It's all too repulsive.

I think I must be in a bad mood. But this weekend looks promising!
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