Friday, June 04, 2021

Acidemic presents: Erich's 4 AM Favorites - on Youtube!

Erich Kuersten's "4 AM Favorites" as 4 AM is a curated list for the magic hour whether you are just waking up or staying up all night. People not alive to the moment are asleep, There is no pressure to do or be something as the people who pressure people are absent. If they woke up they'd try and drag you to bed with baleful eyes. Film bingers well know this hour, it's often where we first saw an Ed Wood film on TV in the 60s-70s. Stewed to the gills, hopelessly high and twisted, coming home from a night and early morning on the town or waking up as a child to sneak downstairs because you can't sleep, it's all the same. We 4 AM film watchers are all in it together. For me, it's the best time of all to be alive and in front of the screen. Your superego checks out at three AM prompt. Now you got nobody to shout over. Magic is afoot.

Here are some of the weird and wondrous films meant for those hours, now culled onto a youtube list, so you can just press play, open the browser window wide, bust another jug, tune up the couch and let the magic flow... and flow... til dawn and beyond. Perfect for on the road traveling, when all you got is a laptop or phone. Not as good as having the DVDs and a big screen, but sometimes emergencies. Sometimes there is no DVD to have, as in some of these like GET CRAZY, NADJA, MURDER BY THE CLOCK and the 1957 TV version of HEARTS OF DARKNESS. Sometimes there's a buggy. Etc. 

(PS none of them were uploaded onto youtube by me. I'm just curating! My own films--LACAN HOUR, QUEEN OF DISKS, et al-- are elsewhere, on the Erich Kuersten channel. It's different, and I do mean different.)

PPS - The original posting of this list was removed by either youtube or my employer (it was on a work gmail, oops!) So I had to redo the channel, which means it's not exactly the same as it was, more streamlined for the weird and the not readily available elsewhere, a perfect combination. I kept the original line-up in the links below (you can always find those films on the tube if so inclined). If you subscribed to the old one you may have to resubscribe to the new one; I am sorry!

Also, been reading the new BLEEDING SKULL book (on 90s), so adding some recent finds (thanks to the book's high praise) here, like Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo and Empire of the Dark, which has the funniest running by the most miscast leading man in the history of 35mm movies. 

Subject to change (as stuff is taken down by the man) but here are some writings on the films on my super
suede channel:

PONTYPOOL (2008) - since removed
FINAL CURTAIN (1961) - review coming soon! 

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