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Friday, January 04, 2008

Morning Morning

This is "Morning Morning" an avant-garde play by Robert Snyderman, staged at the debut evening of the Pratt Institutionalized Theater in Brooklyn, Nov. 2007. Starring: Mandy Richichi, Robert Snyderman, Katie Przybylski, Scott Vornado. Producer: Jody Buchman; Special thanks: Gabe Sorell, MaryKate Chillemi, Rae McIntyre, Lonely Christopher, Joshua Furst, Knina Strikheartz, and Hillary Frisbie. Music by Chanelle Bergeson, Fareed Sajan, Cartoonland

Edited, filmed and effected by me - you can dig the overlapping happy accidents of random meaning generation and color symbolism... if you dare!

Part Two:

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  1. You really have a funny sense of hisoty or historical context. I saw the Jodorowsky, the Pabst and some others of your favorites years ago!
    I too try to list my favorite movies for 2007. I haven't seen many, either new or ancient, unfortunately...

    I always LOVE your blogs, commentaries, papers. Please write more of them. I wait for No Country for old men to get on screens here.


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