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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Eastern Promises collage details

I had a very bizarre dream involving Eastern Promises symbolism the other night. Cronenberg's strange and savage world of Russian mafia and Britishness makes perfect dream language. I was basically shooting up a lot of heroin in a cabinet with Viggo Mortenson, who smelled terribly of cologne. A lot of other weird stuff happened and I awoke in a strange mood. I've never done heroin but my dream life is full of it - a fine symbol of fear of addiction and the falseness of memory - for I "remember" the joys of being on junk when I awake, though it is just from the dream. If I was even more pretentious than I am, I would declare that this collage "Speaks" to the falseness of memory.
As a tribute to Cronenberg's motifs, I turn every straight line into a squiggling sperm or rounded with a womb. The topogoraphy of PROMISES is all about gilded cages and pulsing red secrets. The restaurant where so much action goes down seems like a giant, voracious dragon, swallowing food, drink, people.

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