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Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to New Grenada: Now DIE!

I just read an amazing piece by Valdez on his Distracted Globe site about the amazing OVER THE EDGE (1979). He's got great images including this chilling poster (left) which shows you just how hard it was to nail down the genre of the film.

Now that its spring/summer here in NYC, one's thoughts turn to OVER THE EDGE and its sunny New Mexican desert clime. And then of course, the film's supposed to be set in southern California, and when thinking southern California, I think LA, and when I think LA, I think of my inspiration and fellow EDGE lover, the mighty Kim Morgan who tackles this film on Sunset Gun here.

How sad that when I did a google search of Over the Edge the most results I got were for "Over the Hedge." KILL! KILL! KILL! (excuse me while I go watch this movie again, instead of playing out in the sun like a good boy). You can also scroll down towards #9 of my favorite character meme for a clip of Claude "flashing" in class.

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