Friday, July 16, 2010

Acidemic listed in Film Society of Lincoln Center's Top Film Criticism Sites

Thanks to the Film Doctor For linking to this:

IT’S ALIVE!: The Top Film Criticism Sites: An Annotated Blog Roll

It's a pretty highbrow list, with the likes of David Bordwell, Richard Brody, and Paul Schrader and all the Ozu that implies, but also some ultra-cool folks I know and admire, like the Self-Styled Siren, Kimberly Lindbergs (Cinebeats) and Greg Ferrara (Unexplained Cinema). Some of these sites I've never heard of and I'm excited. And to the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and House Next Door's Matthew Connolly and Paul Brunick, my humblest gratitude. In the tone of Oscar Jaffe, I love you all.


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