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Friday, September 23, 2011

Linkage to the Past and World

A site devoted to the 4 AM UHF TV experience, specifically the films I saw as a kid watching Dr. Shock on channel 17, Philadelphia, in the 1970s, this was my first website, and one I thought lost. Begun circa 1999 and ended in 2003 with the birth of Acidemic Journal of Film and Media.

This site began when I was still drinking, and saw me through sobriety, and being scared to death (in a good way) by the Blair Witch Project (prompting me to create 'Frightened Male Monthly').  Dr. Twilite was my code name in college, for various arcane deals and projects too illegitimate to describe, suffice it to say Bela Lugosi in his poverty row films was a huge inspiration for the site, as was the art of Drew Friedman.  DR. TWILITE'S NEIGHBORHOOD

A very cool site called SubtitledOnline deserves a cross-pollinating shout-out. They have a dizzying array of cool articles on everything from Japanese DVD releases to the best in subtitled horror, all written in a witty, informed style. God damn it, the world is wide, and Middle America's aversion to subtitles is a blight upon our international rep. Let's quell it. Let's drink!

Drinking and listening to the words spoken and trying to 'not' read the subtitles and understand instead how the words spoken resemble the words printed - you have a window into another language. It's common in Europe to have a drink before language class, as it loosens the brain and helps you think in foreign tongues.  

So yeah. I'm sober.

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