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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Acidemic #8: Brecht, Godard, Wood (and other Acidemic news)

Calling all Quakers, Pundits, Philosophers, Troy McClurians, Brechtians, Woodians, Match Kings and Red Queens, check out: Acidemic Journal of Film and Media, the eighth issue (of which this blog is a proud offshoot).
Brecht - Godard - Wood, an unheimliche trio (their muses--Lenya, Karina, Vampira, above); from the fourth wall shattering, narrative immersion-disrupting carny barker Marxism of the Weimar Era's own Bertolt Brecht to the 'unconscious' post-modern transvestite sci fi of Edward D. Wood, Jr. to... Godard, wherein we can perhaps locate the creamy middle of what cinema, metatextuality, artifice and the 'pleasure' of suspension of suspension of belief  is all about

With his shots of spinning tape recorders and pop singers sulking around pinball machines and reading philosophy aloud from the bookstore, Godard compares well to Wood's indifferent sense of (dis)continuity. Is Brecht their spiritual father and where does fleabag economy and drunken incompetence blur into post-modern genius and intellectual rigor? And he asks you where What is. It all comes unglued just by talking about it, and there's plenty of room between these melted titans to explore other serious or accidental post-modernists: Ulmer, Lewton, Beaudine, and Fassbinder.

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