Thursday, October 27, 2022

Hauntology for Red October: SPOTIFY PLAYLIST for Walking through the Windy Parks at Twilight

Hey man, Halloween is a week away so I wanted to share my weird mixes.  Acidemic is so much more than just weird and accidentally or intentionally artsy/psychedelic movies.

Check out these groovy and mystical analog synth-pumping hauntological and wondrous scores and sounds, perfect if you want that chill October vibe and grew up on 60s-80s TV horror films, classroom filmstrips, and the weird vibe of a post-trick-or-treating movie double feature rental. If you like them, press like so I can crack two digits! 


Next up - Old radio shows. These stand the test of time and are great for Halloween chills if you still have a functioning mind's eye and need something to listen to while you sit in the dark staring at your lit up jack-o-lantern or flickering fire. 

  And then some Demonic Soundtracks and Scores for Non-Existent 70s-80s horror films

And don't forget my Youtube List if you want to tune in deep to the late-night weird, guarnteed to get you in the crispy mood.



  1. Sweet! I've been listening rabidly to your "Eerie Analog Retrofuture Synths" playlist, looking forward to aurally devouring these, too!


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