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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Girl Men Fought Dragons For

The amazing time capsule Girl on a Motorcycle (1968) comes out this week in a new DVD release with an awful front cover (how can you have a dull front cover for a movie about Marianne Faithfull in hot leather? Apparently the DVD people found a way, below left).

But not to worry, you can have your mind blown by all sorts of beautiful pictures and text blurbs at Kim Lindbergs' amazing CINEBEATS: She has some good stuff on Jack Cardiff and the soundtrack as well Here is a very telling quote from Alain Delon on Marianne Faithfull:
"She is a happening all to herself. She is the type of girl men fought dragons for in mythology, the type that duels have been fought over."
Yes Mr. Delon, she's pretty awesome... even to the point--as Lindbergs notes--of later attacking you in her "Song for Nico" for your deadbeat treatment of your and Nico's son... via song!

With her flawless compositional eye, chthonic feminist drollery and ear for juicy dirt, Lindbergs is the perfect guide for this and all the other stops along the Girl on a Motorcycle magical mystery trip. So check CINEBEATS out here!

1 comment:

  1. "flawless compositional eye, cthonic feminist drollery and ear for juicy dirt"

    You flatter me Erich! That has to be my favorite description of Cinebeats yet.


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