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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pre-Code writings at Bright Lights Film Journal

Come check out the new issue (#64) of Bright Lights Film Journal.I've got three pieces in it, including two on pre-code Hollywood:

Desperation & Divinity: How Mae West tried to Rescue sex from the Catholics

Wild Boys and Midnight Marys: Social Realism & the Code

Also, a book review for Jean Michel Gondry


  1. Can't wait to read the pre-code pieces. Just got through with the Doherty book on the subject and am hungry for more. I am currently working on an essay entitled "The Dark Side of Dalliance: Promiscuity and Punishment in 'The Story of Temple Drake' and Pre-Code Film" that I will probably publish on my blog or hopefully somewhere else a bit more sophisticated! Once again I'm so glad I ran across your blog!

  2. Cool, man, me too. I wrote about Temple Drake myself, in an
    "earlier blog.


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