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Monday, August 02, 2010

Revenge of the Lohan

Hearing poor LL's Rehab of Doom options being bounced around by all the bitches in the country ("We just want to be sure it's going to be very, very strict and tough with her," yes yes, and will there be much "ahem" spanking?), it's clear they've made LL the Joan of Arc of our day, the Frances Farmer, the scapegoat absentee parent proxy lamb to the mediated slaughter.

Dudes, she's just a hot fucked-up chick in L.A., capital of hot fucked up chicks! Why can't they just let her make her movies and party, as god intended!? By the time that rehab lets her go, she'll not only be burnt at the shock treatment stake, she'll have discovered Jesus and gained 20 pounds and they'll lead her to the set in chains like Grace towards the end of DOGVILLE. Is that you want, America? Then America, it is YOU are who not a true Christian!

Kim Morgan has written a beautiful piece on LL's ancestor in LA glamor-system face spitting and well-deserved court contempt, Frances Farmer, "Come Back as Fire and Burn all the Liars."

Speaking of Nirvana, I wrote a defense of Lindsay back in May called "Lindsay Lohan will Have her Revenge on Seattle."

Kurt, wherever you are I'm sure we don't have to tell you. Ain't a damned thing changed. You stay up there and we'll let you know when the flames start falling from the wings of the FF/LL phoenix! We wouldn't want to see Seattle burn to the ground with anyone else's ghost at our side.

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