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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girls with Dragon Tattoos Gone Wild and more in the new Bright Lights Film Journal #69

The New Bright Lights Film Journal #69 is now online!

It's got my intensely personal-theoretical-reactionary analysis of GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (2009) and how the fall-out of the DIRTY HARRY revenge cycle led to Satanic panic and suburban child molestation ring hysteria in the 1980s as seen in the documentary, WITCH HUNT:

“They rapin’ everybody out here.” — Antoine Dodson

PLUS, as editor Gary Morris writes: Matthew Brennan explores the "New Westerns" along with one old one, The Wild Bunch. Matthew also takes us into TV land with a thoughtful analysis of the AMC show Mad Men. BL stalwart Erich Kuersten compellingly blends the personal and the cultural in a piece on "cinema's rape disavowal fantasy." Gordon Thomas stylishly tours some of the worthier DVD releases of the past year. Lesley Chow finds fascinating perversity in the pianist motif in films like Preminger's Angel Face and of course Haneke's The Pianist. Jacob Mikanowski has three articles this time: an ambitious discussion of five experimental films and reviews of the Hitchcock curio Double Take and the woefully underrated King Vidor-Bette Davis masterpiece Beyond the Forest. A new writer, Ron Capshaw, presents a startling "what if?" (Groucho at HUAC), and reminds us of the pleasures of Ken Russell's The Devils and Errol Flynn, the latter via a review of the recent book on old Errol. Another newbie, Dan Bentley-Baker, amusingly experiments with the age-old question, "What is a cult movie?" (MORE)

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