Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the 12 Lost Grail Memes of Doom 2: The Flossening

Movieman's Dancing Image is crazy with these meme blogs, the new one is all about films you want to see but never have and aren't available on DVD, aka HOLY GRAILS. Arthur... King of the Britains...

Most of mine have been found, in just the way I want them. I knew I would never have loved LUCIFER RISING or THE HOLY MOUNTAIN on some murky pan & scan dupe, but now that I've seen them in crisp DVD glory, and stolen their subliminal editing secrets like the harp out the beanstalk, I'm ready to die in peace, knowing the dark secret of... oops, nevermind.

Anyway, see Movieman's amazing dozen, and then track back to Out 1, which gave him the original idea. Man, I've never visited Out 1 before and I'm an instant fan. They smart and use good background colors! And their trippy banner is right after my own post modern heart.

Jesus, I can't think of anything, except CUL DE SAC, which Nathaniel R. eloquently mentions and in addition tributes the lovely Francois Dorleaq" - and how does that man get those weir French curliques in there (sorry, I'm not very eloquent today, I'm withdrawing from nicotine, caffeine, morphine, benzedrine and gasoline)

Why did this Francoise Dorleaq chick have to die, why why? Why won't those idiots release Cul-de-sac? WHY? WHY? (anyway it's on dvd in other regions... does that count?)

I looked for clips of Dorleaq on youtube. What's up with this trend of making videos matching footage of stars from different epochs? Someone named Gatta Ren loves mixing Francoise footage with that doe-eyed 21st century hunk Hayden Christensen, who wasn't even born when Mmme. Dorleaq died. Somehow, for some reason, Acidemic approves:


  1. I love random You Tube mash-ups though I wish old Gatta had found some more clips of Hayden besides that one in the bowler. Dorleaq was Catherine Deneuve's sister, no? (or am I mixing her up with someone else?)

    Glad I led you to Out 1 - they definitely have a great banner.

  2. Yeah, Dorleac is Deneuve's sister. They did THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROUQUEFORT together (with Gene Kelly--pretty good musical by Jacques Demy). And Dorleaq was in John Frankenheimer's GRAND PRIX (a very boring movie, except for the Saul Bass-designed racing scenes.

    Love your site, Erich!

    Dean Treadway


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