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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jodorowsky on Spielberg: "If I can kill Spielberg, I will kill Spielberg."

Whoa! All this and more can be found over at Bright Lights' Interview with Alejandro Jorodowsky. Damien Love finds the silver haired devil freely (and with delightfully skewed English) venting some spleen on the "ill" violence of Spielberg and how DUNE saved his life:
I think David Lynch is a fantastic moviemaker. I was so ill when he made Dune. But when I went to the theatre to see it — always I tell this with great happiness, because I was so jealous — I was dying. I was grey. But then when I went to the theatre and saw the picture, I was so happy, because the picture was so bad! And then I could live again! Because if David Lynch had been able to make Dune as David Lynch, I think I would have died. But when he made a bad Dune, he saved my life. And I love David Lynch, because he saved my life. Also, I love Cronenberg, because he is an auteur, he has his obsession. I like him. He is honest. There are a lot of moviemakers I like, and there are others I hate. But what I hate the most is Spielberg. And second Walt Disney.

Didn't you used to hate Walt Disney above all others?

Yes. But now it's Spielberg. I think Spielberg is the son from when Walt Disney fucked Minnie Mouse. And then there was Spielberg. But in terms of industrial pictures, there is a picture that I think is a masterwork, and that is Starship Troopers. That, for me, is the most beautiful cowboy picture I ever seen. It's fantastic.

Yeah! Woo Hoo! I am not 100% sure Spielberg deserves to be killed, but I will always tip my hat to a man who can blow the whistle on fascism cloaked as homey history one second then turn around and praise a straight up fascist call to arms like STARSHIP! I highly recommend reading the whole interview. Love asks great questions, including the one above... Citizenship equals responsibility!


  1. I never really got the rabid Spielberg-hating (or Disney-hating) for that matter. Objections, sure, but these two had such strong visions (an immense distinction from the sort of corporate blandness they're supposed to have propagated). Those who bash them - even visionaries like Godard or Jodorowsky - seem to be missing the point. And well they get something of a free pass as crazy old cranks, I can't help but look upon other Spielberg-bashers with irritated condescension (not that I'm putting you in this category - I just read and enjoyed your essay on Spielberg in the sidebar).

    Incidentally, you've been tagged by me for the 12 movies thing (see here: I kind of assumed the tag worked on its own, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, whether or not you participate check out the list - the Secret Societies night is right up your alley.

  2. i too share the urge to see spielberg dead from time to time.. tho admittedly that is a reaction to his more recent fare.

    i would just like to point out that Starship Troopers is hardly a call to arms. Isn't it common knowledge that it is the exact opposite: A send-up of fascism ?

  3. I think any good work of art can be many things at once - and STARSHIP is both a send-up of fascism AND a fascist Call to Arms. A lot of people hated that movie because they thought it was serious, then a lot of people loved it because they thought it was satire,... but some of us have gone beyond both counts, and love it because it's so deadpan it transcends satire to become serious again, and then keeps going up up and away.


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